Book your car through our website, by email or by phone, and pay the full rental of the vehicle when you pick it up. If you prefer, you can also pay the rent by bank transfer.
Book your car through our website, by Email or by phone and pay the full rent for the vehicle when you collect your car. If you prefer you can also pay by bank transfer.
Make sure you have entered a valid email address. Please check the spam folder of your email manager. If you do not find what you are looking for, please send us an email to info@menorcaonwheels.com, or call us at 871.047.290.
Yes, we will be waiting for you at the exit of the luggage straps. We will carry a sign with our commercial name and logo, and / or with your name.
All our cars include full insurance without excess, you can see the details by consulting the Terms and Conditions.
Yes, it is possible. You can pick up the car at the hotel. It is free within a 10 km radius of Mahón. Outside this area please consult us.
All prices on our website include VAT.
It is not allowed to leave the island with the rental car under any circumstances, the insurance does NOT cover it.
Please be sure to refuel the correct type of fuel in the car. The cost of repairing an inadequate refueling is not covered by insurance and the lessee must be responsible.
Accordion Content
Blows in the car (Carter, suspension elements, exhaust pipe, etc.); Loss or breakage of keys; Wheels and tires; Damage to the upholstery; Moons and crystals; Fuel refueling wrong; Reckless driving or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs; Fines and traffic penalties or crane in case of accident due to driver’s fault. These circumstances are not covered by insurance and the lessee must be held responsible.
Please contact us via email or phone and we will send the invoice by email.
Yes it is possible, as long as you notify us by email or phone one week in advance.
Driving license and ID, both in force. Both the driver and additional drivers must present their original and valid driver’s license and ID (the photocopy is not valid) when removing their vehicle.
Yes, it is necessary to request it at the time of booking.
Unlimited mileage. Aditional driver. 24 hour breakdown service. VAT Comprehensive insurance. Delivery and pick up at the airport.
Full / Full. We deliver the car with a full tank of fuel and the customer must return it full. If not, you will be charged the necessary amount. To arrange a different Fuel Policy please contact us.
If you indicate your arrival flight number when you book, you don’t have to worry about anything, we will be waiting for you at the airport arrivals terminal as soon as the plane lands.
The installation of additional accessories (eg baby chair) will be carried out by the person who rents the vehicle. The reason for this is that it’s required by European rules, so that, in case of an accident as a result of improper installation of the accessories, the company is not responsible for any possible damages caused.
Report the theft immediately to the competent authority and give us the corresponding complaint. On our website you will find a section with interesting telephone numbers.
Personal items are not included in the insurance coverage and therefore we cannot be responsible for them.
Contact the Local Police in the area. You must go to the municipal vehicle depot and pay the corresponding fine plus the costs of dragging the vehicle.
Unless the breakdown / accident is a product of gross negligence on your part, so it will be provided there is availability. In these cases it is not guaranteed that the model is the same as the one hired.
In principle, if the opposite is not indicated, the return of the vehicle will be made in the ARRIVAL parking lot, where we deliver the vehicle.